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Heat loss of pipes with circular cut insulation

The heat loss of a circular cross-section is caused by the heat conduction of the individual piping layers and heat transfer to the environment. Here you can calculate its size and verify that the insulation you design meets the conditions of Decree 193/2007.


Rocktech – calculation program for thickness of technical insulation

Rocktech is a calculation program for the design of technical insulation thickness, developer by the Rockwool company to help heating professionals. The program is based on the German standard VDI 2055, but its detailed knowledge is not necessary to use Rocktech program.


ArmWin AS – calculation program

ArmWin AS is a program for determining the optimum insulation thickness, heat transfer coefficients, heat flow and temperature changes on pipes, rectangular pipes and tanks. Counting also tube freezing times. All calculations are based on ArmWin AS V1.0 - Armacell calculation software - and based on ISO EN 12241: 1998.


PAROC Calculus – program for technical insulation calculations

Program Calculus calculates insulation solutions consisting of technical insulation products. These calculations use the models given in EN ISO 12241.


IsoCal – program for design of technical insulations

IsoCal® is a calculation program for engineering insulation design - pipe insulation, ducts, tanks, turbines, boilers, ovens, etc. It was developed by Isover at Assistance to professionals working in HVAC (heating, cooling, air conditioning) and energy sector. The program is not suitable for calculating building insulation (roof, wall, floors, etc.).


KaiCalc 2.2. – program for calculating insulation thickness

KaiCalc 2.2. is a program for calculating insulation thickness to prevent condensation outside the pipeline and minimize heat losses, calculate the external surface temperature and the coefficient heat transfer, changes in flow temperature in the pipeline, temperature change steady media, time of freezing tubes.